52 sortilèges affichées
Nom Description Modifié le
Accelerate MagicCause a spell to run out its duration at double the normal rate.2010/01/29
Accelerate MetabolismFire ray that temporarily reduces target’s strength and dex.2010/01/29
Age AnimalInstantly kill a nonmagical beast through rapid aging.2010/01/29
Age ItemDamage item through rapid aging, weapon or armor becomes –1 per 2 levels.2010/02/02
Alarm ClockCreate sound of ringing bell at selected future time.2010/01/29
Alternate ChargesRecharge magic item by replicating earlier charging event.2010/01/29
Alternate Timeline BanishmentSend away an enemy to an alternate timeline.2010/01/29
Alternate Timeline DivinationLearn secrets by consulting an alternate self.2010/02/02
Alternate Timeline SummoningSummon an alternate self for aid, at some risk.2010/02/02
BacklashRepeat events of the previous round that damaged a particular target.2010/02/03
Burst of HasteTarget gains extra action and +4 dodge bonus to AC, for one round.2010/02/03
Chaos Magic Augmenter la chance d'occurence de wild magie2011/08/23
Chrindol’s CurseCombination of Mismeasure Time and Lateness, lasts 1day/level.2010/02/03
Chrindol’s Major ChangeChange past events, up to ten years ago, by sending msg to previous self.2010/02/03
Defense from AgingProtect target from natural or magical aging.2010/02/03
Delay DamageDamage to target is deferred for 1 round/level.2010/02/03
Delay Spell EffectCause effect of later spell to be delayed up to 10 minutes/level.2010/02/03
Esofan's Soloman WarriorsRecipients are Hasted and gain STR/DEX/CON, but age 5% of their lifespan.2010/04/03
Greater Chaos ShieldCreate a greater shield of wild magic around the caster2011/08/19
Greater Shield of LawAs shield of law but also work on other and in wild magic area2011/08/19
Greater Wild ConjurationActivate two random effect on the wild magic table2011/08/19
Guérison miraculeuse de LyrianneRestaure une créature à son niveau optimal de santé. Fait viellir la créature de 1 année. 2010/04/03
Guérison temporel de LyrianneRenverse une partie des blessures subit par la créature.2010/04/03
Last SightSee last visions of dead creature.2010/02/03
LatenessTarget thinks it’s late, distracted and suffers –3 to attacks, saves, abilities, skills for 1 min/lvl2010/02/03
Magic of LawCreate an anti wild magic around a point.2011/08/18
Measure TimeLearn current time, or measure an interval of time.2010/02/03
Mismeasure TimeTarget acquires incorrect belief about the current time.2010/02/03
NomadIncrease time between meals.2010/02/03
Orbe de temps de LyrianneOrbe de temps fait 1d8 de dommage + 1d8 a chaque 2 niveau pour un maximum de 5d82010/04/03
Quicken AgingKill target by rapidly aging it 100 years/round.2010/02/03
Recall from the PastTemporarily bring back earlier version of dead creature.2010/02/03
Relativity de EsofanOne-way travel into far future, up to 100 years / level.2010/04/03
Repeated ActionsForce creature to repeat last round’s actions continuously.2010/02/03
RetrySend message to very recent self, changing action in past three rounds.2010/02/03
Shield of orderReduce to 0% the chance for a magic surge2011/08/23
Temporal AnchorConnect self to another creature, sharing time effects.2010/02/03
Temporal BanishmentGet rid of enemy by sending into far future.2010/02/03
Temporal BarrierCreate barrier of distorted time that slows and confuses those passing through.2010/02/03
Temporal Do-OverRedo all events of previous round2010/02/03
Temporal PushSend target forward in time up to 1 round / 2 levels.2010/02/03
Temporal SafeKeep item safe by sending into future.2010/02/03
Temporal ScryingAs Scry spell, but can view past or future (at XP cost.).2010/02/03
Temporal SheenSeeing an instant ahead gives +2 to hit, +1 AC to target.2010/02/03
Temporal ShoveTarget creature misses one partial action, of self or opponent.2010/02/03
Temporal SimultaneousnessMerge next d4+2 rounds into one.2010/02/03
Time BlinkTarget pushed randomly forward in time once / 3 levels.2010/02/03
Time Distortion CubeOne cube/2lvls of distorted time can be used to attack, ranged touch for d12 dmg.2010/02/03
Ultimate Wild PowerActivate an wild magic effect of your choice between four randomnly determine effect.2011/08/19
Vision of YouthSee item or creature as it was in former times.2010/02/03
Wild Conjuration Activate a random effect on the wild magic table2011/08/18
Wild Shield Create a shield of wild magic around the caster2011/08/23